PPC Management

I offer honest, patient, long-term focused management for AdWords and other PPC platforms. No hype, no big promises I can’t keep: I’m a great marketer for people who hate marketers.

Why Hire Me:

  • I’m a Google Partner, one of Google’s approved ad agencies. To maintain this I have to manage at least $10,000 in spend every 90 days, keep my certifications current, and follow Google’s best practices in the accounts I manage.
  • I’ve been working with AdWords for a long time. I began working on the platform for personal projects in 2003, and I first received my Google certification and started helping clients in 2012.
  • 90% of my experience has been with small businesses, who are often budget-conscious. Plus, in addition to managing a small number of AdWords clients, I myself also run a modestly profitable ecommerce site as a side business. I understand your particular needs and limitations very well.
  • I’ve worked on accounts for a variety of different businesses: ecommerce sites (consumer tech, fashion, spirituality, speciality foods), boutique hotels, health care, a hair salon, web developers, web start-ups and SaaS businesses, and B2B finance.
  • I include comprehensive call tracking as a part of all my proposals. Unless there’s no phone number on your web site and no way for your customers to call you, call tracking is vital to the success of your PPC account. Many agencies say they include call tracking, but it’s only basic “single-number” call tracking. This means that you know that your ads are generating calls, but not which ones. So that I can get more detail about what’s working, I do more in-depth monitoring of what’s making your phone ring.

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