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Welcome. I’m Meg Hartmann, and I’m a PPC specialist and copywriter who mainly works with small businesses and solopreneurs. But I don't think we can really talk about me without talking about you. Your experience with me will come out of the dynamic between us, and depends on whether I’m the sort of person you’re seeking.

If you agree with any of the statements below, we might be a good fit.

You want to speak to your clients or customers with respect and authenticity.

My ability to remember that there’s another human looking at one of my landing pages or ads (and my desire for that human to feel good after doing so) is what I believe differentiates me the most from other marketers. I do my best work when writing for demanding audiences who are turned off by hype and who will critically evaluate what they’re told. I believe doing more business online is, at the heart of it, very similar to doing more business offline. Relationships are what's important, and hacks and tricks only go so far.

You don’t believe there’s a magic marketing pill that will turn your site into an overnight success.

While the instant serendipity of inspiration does play a role in great marketing, and there are the rare instances where things change in a flash, I find that there’s a lot of hard work behind most achievements. Writing copy that makes a difference is about more than simply putting words to paper, and it’s not a quick process. It’s supported by extensive research of your target audience and a well-considered strategic plan.

You need more than just a copywriter.

Though writing is at the center of my work, the word "writer" does not fully encompass my skills. I have an uncommon comfort with numbers and analytical tasks for someone with my background. This has led me to help clients with running campaigns on Google AdWords and other platforms (I've been AdWords certified since 2012), with understanding their analytics data, and with setting up testing programs to improve conversion optimization.

You’re tired of contractors who just yes you and never speak up if they see something wrong with your ideas and plans.

I know that to provide my full value, I need to be honest with you. While I’m constructive, receptive to your ideas and your business’s needs, and mindful of practicality, I’m not afraid to tell you that I believe you’re on the wrong track.

You’re serious about improving your marketing.

I’ve found that I most enjoy working with clients who believe that the work I’m doing is important to them and their business. I bring my best effort to every project I take on. It's easy to find people offering the same services for a lower price. It’s not so easy to find someone who can match the care and thoughtfulness with which I do what I do.

You believe in the power of words and a website to make a difference for your business (or are willing to test this hypothesis).

I’ll be honest, someone like me is not what every business needs. If your product is highly visual or a simple, low-priced commodity, what you say about it probably does not have much influence on your customers’ buying decision. If your website doesn’t play a large role in your sales process, I also won’t make a big difference for you. But if your verbal communication of your expertise online matters...if there’s the potential for clients to be swayed by a compelling email, blog post, or landing page...then we definitely should talk.

Ready to reach out? You can email me directly at meg@smartwordmarketing.com.

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