Landing Page Consultation

Could your website perform better? Are you leaving money on the table?

If you have already worked with a copywriter who understands how to write to sell, and your landing page has gone through rigorous development as you've carefully crafted each sentence to move your target audience to take the desired action - then congratulations on your hard work and thoroughness! Your site is pretty close to its best, and this service is probably not for you.

However, if you're still reading, you probably have at least one landing page that could use some help. Maybe you're dissatisfied with how your website is performing: while people are visiting, results have been much more lackluster than expected. Or maybe you just threw together some copy in a rush. People are responding, but you know you didn't put your all into it. "Getting it done" is great, but now your focus should be taking your business to the next level.

I am your second pair of expert eyes to help your strengthen your site's ability to sell. I'm a copywriter and digital marketing specialist who has helped dozens of clients improve their websites and drive more targeted traffic, so that they meet and exceed their revenue goals. I also have extensive experience running search marketing campaigns and so am especially qualified to give feedback on AdWords sales funnels. It could easily be that your website is fine, but the right people aren't visiting.

For $160, I'll take a look at your most important landing page (or the one that has you most worried), and take an hour on a call with you to improve it on the spot. Some of what we might cover includes:

  • Are your ads and landing pages crafted to work together effectively?
  • Is the level and tone of your writing appropriate for your audience and motivating them to buy?
  • Are you adequately communicating the strengths of your product or service?
  • Does your copy address common objections effectively?
  • Are your headlines as effective as possible?

Ready to talk? Schedule a time that works for you. Within one business day after you schedule, I'll be in touch to confirm and arrange payment.

Or email me at with any questions or to schedule a time not listed on my calendar.

I look forward to helping you do more with your marketing!